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Introducing The Nessie 🦕

Hi there nessties,

We know health and wellness can seem like it's only for people with a flat stomach and Gwyneth Paltrow.

It's not.

So, we're creating an inclusive, accessible space for everyone who wants to get and stay healthy.

Welcome to The Nessie. Each week, expect curation, analysis, and community in crispy, crunchy, delicious email form. Not spam, not a bill, not a rejection email. You don’t need a busier inbox, but let us make it better.

We plan to share the must-read articles, newest rituals, greatest products, clever lifehacks, and more insights you can actually use (and afford) to take better care of yourself. Our mission is to give you everything you need to be well in ways that won't break the bank... or your spirit.

We're not positioning ourselves as a perfect wellness guru. What’s perfect anyway? And we understand the importance of community! So we'll also be relying on a growing community of nessties like you who want to share knowledge on how to better take care of themselves and each other. This is not a one-way newsletter! We'd love to hear from you. Tell us what you’d like us to explore or demystify, how you're feeling about wellness today, if you love an unexpected product, or come across a health and wellness meme that makes you laugh-cry, whatever… Drop us a note. We got you.

We're also going to put our money where our mouth is with Monday MadNESS, a giveaway of something fancy (think Peloton or Equinox membership) to the most dedicated nessties on our email list. Stay tuned for more.

Ultimately, we’re here to make the wellness space feel a little less intimidating and more in reach—no thousands-of-dollars exercise equipment, sketchy TikTok trends, or pseudoscience disguised as chic self-care fads. Instead, we just want to drop in each week with a note and some tips that might empower you to improve and celebrate when you get a little bit better. Think of us as a biweekly vitamin for your inbox.

Until next time,

The Nessie Team