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You don’t have to buy anything from this gift guide

...but we have, and we use them every dang day (except the plunger)

GIF of socks coming out of a gift box

Hi there nesstie,

‘Tis the season to display gratitude for the ones you love through easily packaged commodities. We’re big believers in consuming mindfully (I referred to gift guides as “capitalist lookbooks” in an earlier issue), but we’re also all about buying the right things so you don’t overcompensate with a whole lot of products you don’t actually enjoy. This applies to gift guides, too—a thoughtful item that someone is able to use on the reg is, quite literally, a gift that keeps on giving.

In the spirit of utilitarianism and glamorizing practicality, the Ness team shared products we’ve adopted into our daily routine and can’t live without. Some fall into the official health and wellness category, others don’t. But all bring us joy and make life better or easier in a small but meaningful way.

These aren’t just the internet-identified latest and greatest, these are items we’ve actually used and are obsessed with. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas, or are simply soothed by the act of scrolling through a bunch of beautiful goods, this guide is curated just for you.

PS—you should forward this to the utilitarian in your life, someone who asks for things like new socks or a hot water kettle or a new vacuum for the holidays. You know who they are.

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