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Issue 35: Mmm, that was a good exhale

Issue 35: Mmm, that was a good exhale

Hi there nesstie,

Shout out to deep breaths. They’re no substitute for therapy or medication, but they are a powerful, portable, and free relaxation tool. And the ol’ ins and outs don’t get old, IMO. The unsung heroes of the diaphragm.

If you wake up feeling anxious, something called “diaphragmatic breathing” can help smooth out your edges before your day starts. It involves “inhaling for four seconds by nose, holding it for four seconds, and breathing out by mouth with a small opening for six seconds,” clinical psychologist Lyndon J. Aguiar told HuffPo.

Before you pour your little cup of coffee and fire up your assortment of screens, take a few deep breaths. When I feel like I’m going to spiral out, this usually, at the very least, slows down my racing mind. When I feel stressed before bed, I do a 3- or 5-minute breathing exercise on my Calm app. Breathwork, she’s versatile! She’s got nuance.

If you’ve got 14 seconds to spare and enjoy feeling chill, you know what to do,

Melanie, editor at The Nessie

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