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Issue 37: A good day to unfollow that medical “expert” on Instagram

Issue 37: A good day to unfollow that medical “expert” on Instagram

Hi there nesstie,

Are you following a conspiracy theorist on social media? A pseudoscientist? What about a gateway conspiracy theorist or pseudoscientist? Most of us would give a hard no to pressing “follow” on the outright tinfoil hat folks. But because anyone can call themselves a nutritionist or wellness expert these days—or, at least, that’s what it seems like—it can be tough to tell who’s legit and who’s hiding a li’l strip of foil beneath their trendy Outdoor Voices baseball cap.

There are some obvious red flags (“the government is putting microchips in vaccines to track you” or “my cousin’s friend says the vaccine will give you a gargantuan ballsack”), but it’s the more insidious ones (“natural immunity is better than getting the vaccine”) that can make it hard to discern a real expert from a self-proclaimed “expert” whose beliefs are incompatible with science.

To screen a health and wellness influencer, look at their credentials and their sources. Are they in the business of debunking misinformation, or spreading it? If you can’t tell, maybe try following these healthcare workers and scientists on TikTok. They’re serving facts, not fiction, a depressingly refreshing change of pace for the social networks.

Free your grid (and mind) of harmful nonsense,

Melanie, editor at The Nessie

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