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Issue 41: Chill vibes only!

Issue 41: Chill vibes only!

Hi there nesstie,

Holiday season approacheth—somehow—and I am feeling very grateful that it coincides with vaccine booster season. Grateful because we can continue to protect ourselves, protect others, and gather. But can we keep it chill?

In this case, I define “chill” as enjoying your loved ones without acting like the holidays serve as some exception to the standard rules of staying safe in These Times. Host a friendsgiving potluck, get dressed up, and find a lovely font to adorn your invitation with the “vaccinated only” rule, place a little “if you feel sick stay home” disclaimer below a festive star.

“Chill” is establishing the necessary precautions and communicating them to guests ahead of time so that you can feel safe and warm and joyful during the actual event. Being responsible isn’t a buzzkill :) it lets everyone relax and bask in the knowledge that someone’s looking out for them.

I for one would love to start Capricorn season without the lingering effects of careless holiday party policies.

Find your chill cuties,

Melanie, editor at The Nessie

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