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Issue 43: I want a fridge that works for me

Issue 43: I want a fridge that works for me

Hi there nesstie,

I just want to vent about refrigerator design for a sec. Specifically, common household fridges in the US—you know, the ones with a cubby-like freezer atop the bulk of the main cooling portion that show up in pretty much every rental in the country. Considering it’s been a kitchen mainstay since, oh, 1930 or so, the refrigerator still doesn’t seem to cater to people who are busy and don’t have a huge food budget.

The freezer is so petite! It’s giving me “I’m for special occasions” vibes, but frozen vegetables are often more affordable and still pack the nutrients you need. And freezing meals like soups, stews, pastas, and breads is a great way to meal prep for the more distant future.

For most of us, the most convenient food items will live in your pantry and freezer. That is, unless you don’t have any dependents or roommates, have healthy work hours, decent disposable grocery income, and the will to cook on an expiration date-deadline.

I sometimes feel like I need to load up on more produce to make my fridge look less sad, and then I end up wasting some precious farmer’s market fruits and veggies. Sure, we’ve come a long way since the humble icebox, but I think the market is ripe for a food storage appliance that recognizes just how tired—and willing to heat and reheat frozen cauliflower gnocchi in perpetuity—a lot of us are.

Like, what does an affordable Smeg for the modern working caregiver look like? Show me some mindful, inclusive food storage options.

A fridge rebrand is wellness,

Melanie, editor at The Nessie

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