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Issue 48: Seeking brands with inclusive models!

Issue 48: Seeking brands with inclusive models!

Hi there nesstie,

I appreciate that more and more retailers are making an effort to feature diverse, size- and ability-inclusive models on their websites. (I’m not talking about distinct, othered plus-size sections that show up on page three or whatever after scrolling through size zeros for ten minutes, and also not counting sites where maybe every six or seven models is curvy.)

I’m talking about online retailers where, when you land on the homepage, you see people who look like your friends, your community, yourself. You don’t have to investigate the fine copy buried at the bottom to figure out what size the model is wearing (a small) and her measurements (minute across the board, also five foot ten) and then A Beautiful Mind how that garment would look on your own body.

This is just a moment of gratitude for brands I think are doing it right, and make me want to actually invest in their clothes—because when it shows up at my door it fits, and it looks good! When I’m not buying secondhand, I want to make sure whatever I buy is something I love, that’s flattering, that won’t awaken my insecurities as the zipper dangles halfway up my back.

Right now, I’m loving brands like Youswim, Girlfriend Collective, Hara the Label, Storq, Parade, Stitchfix, Summersalt, SAVAGE X FENTY, and Grnstr.

That said, I’ve noticed a glaring absence of non-women focused brands in my list. This may be because I’m just not shopping on those sites, but I’d love to be informed of more companies that focus on men’s body positivity as well.

What are some of your favorite brands doing inclusive modeling right?

I wanna hear from you!

Melanie, editor at The Nessie

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