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Issue 51: Step away from the screen and go make a mug or something

Issue 51: Step away from the screen and go make a mug or something

Hi there nesstie,

Wake up to my handheld screen, fire up my desk screen, take a break to watch my living room screen, rinse, repeat. Even my workout app is on a screen. I’m like… why does my head hurt? all while knowing full well why it does. I have a wrinkle forming above my left eyebrow that is 110% from the face I make when I’m doomscrolling through dumb headlines. It’s the old good screen/bad screen dilemma, except I’m starting to think that maybe… all screens are bad.

I’m an unintentional walking advertisement for blue light glasses and a hobby. As many of us are. That’s why finding a pastime that doesn’t require batteries or an electrical outlet is increasingly essential. For me, I’ve got my shelves on shelves of fantasy novels and an ever-growing library of Spotify playlists for my walking breaks.

Take a beat and look at how you spend your leisurely time—is it screen-free? Even a Peloton break is contingent on staring at hella pixels. Technology fatigue is real, and you deserve to find something that brings you joy, calm, or inspiration without a glass matrix.

Start a very chill climate fiction book club that meets every other Friday. Start pottery lessons and make little ceramic garlic roasters for your friends that like to cook. Crochet earthy throw blankets for your extended family. Take a botany class. Treat yourself to a lovely new yoga mat and stretch when your eyes start to strain. Drive to the nearest beach and jump rope. Bake a beautiful cake every week to share with friends and neighbors. (I love all the micro bakeries that popped up over the pandemic, my grid is filled with the dreamiest pastries, like this LA pastry chef who does magical things with passionfruit and buttercream, and this baker whose floral cakes remind me of Ferngully.)

Those are just a few (highly specific) examples, but hobbies are healthy, especially if they tear you away from your screens (yes, including the one you’re using to read this). I can hear my doomscroll wrinkle whispering, “dive into your sci-fi novel, Mel. Go for a walk.”

Get a (screen-free) hobby,

Melanie, editor at The Nessie

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