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Issue 56: A reminder…

Issue 56: A reminder…

Hi there nesstie,

It’s okay to cancel plans! It’s okay if you’re a new parent, and you don’t feel comfortable hanging out in people’s homes right now. It’s okay to spend your weekend devouring a book and catching up on sleep. It’s okay to skip the gym and hunker down in front of your SAD lamp with a cup of tea.

It’s okay if you don’t have the enthusiasm to stay active in a very lively group chat. It’s okay if you need to start a few group chats to feel more connected to loved ones. It’s okay to mute that account.  

It’s okay if you lost touch with a close friend who you don’t have the opportunity to see as much these days. You’ll see each other one day, IRL or on FaceTime, and it’ll be like no time has passed. Or maybe it’s a friendship that no longer serves you. That’s okay, too.

It’s okay if you don't have the energy to cook all the nourishing meals and bake all the beautiful breads you see on your Instagram feed—that’s what the microwave (and takeout) is for. It’s okay if Instagram makes you feel more sad and alone—that’s what logging off is for. It’s okay to wear stretchy pants to a dinner party.

It’s okay to feel anxious, overwhelmed, a new level of despair. It’s okay to feel joy even if there’s so much to feel despaired about. It’s okay if you accidentally killed that plant. It's OK to give these not-so-great feelings space with the understanding that eventually, they'll pass. It's also OK to reach out for help—you can contact the NAMI peer-support line.

A reminder in case you needed it,

Melanie, editor at The Nessie

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